Journal of Spinal Surgery

: 2022  |  Volume : 9  |  Issue : 2  |  Page : 69-

From the desk of editor in chief

J K B C Parthiban 
 Editor in Chief, Journal of Spinal Surgery, Kovai Medical Center Hospital, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

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Parthiban J K. From the desk of editor in chief. J Spinal Surg [serial online] 2022 [cited 2022 Aug 20 ];9:69-69
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Dear friends and colleagues,

Scientific publications in journals around the world have increased many folds in recent years. ONLINE publications in particular have gone on a soaring uptrend recently. New generation authors are interested in writing articles on debates, case reports with reviews of the literature and newer concepts in spinal surgery. Although conventional review articles, research papers, and original articles are considered important for a journal's status, world literature is now looking for scientific articles that are interested in newer things in innovations, controversies, short communications, and other scholarly articles.

Journal of Spinal Surgery (JOSS) encourages forward-looking articles from innovative authors for publication. This current issue is one of its kind with varied subjects listed. Value of T-slope in radiological studies in assessing the status of cervical lordosis following laminoplasties, meta-analysis of annular closure devices in preventing recurrent postoperative lumbar disc prolapses, and radiological analysis of adjacent vertebral body grafts in anterior cervical discectomy fusion and diaphragm sparing mini-thoracotomy are some of the articles of interest for the readers. We look forward to publishing similar articles and newer concepts in JOSS.

As we all know, the Annual Conference of Neuro Spinal Surgeons Association (NSSA Spine 2022) is around the corner in September this year in Mumbai. JOSS will publish the best award papers, best presentations, and important lectures from the conference.

We thank the authors for their valuable support and the reviewers for taking time to peer review the articles in time. We also look forward to more articles to submit in the coming days.

Best wishes